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Strategic Organization Change

Ibis Associates offers a multidisciplinary approach to strategy, strategic planning and other change issues facing organizations in the 21st century.Our methods incorporate proven techniques that facilitate constructive change.


         Jump-start your organization with a focus on positive aspects of your individual and collective experiences. Use your historical context to help build a bridge to the future.

         Instruct and educate all members of your organization on strategy and thinking strategically.

         Generate excitement and enthusiasm by assisting your group in defining the "infinite possibilities" created by your dreams, vision and commitment.

         Provide participants with a feeling of ownership in the institutionís change and encourage them to seek a role in the new plan.

         Co-author with your organization a new design to match the strategy

         Design an action plan to implement and manage change.

         Define the metrics and feedback loop to make certain that appropriate results are monitored and successfully implemented.

Consulting Services Focusing on Strategic Issues such as:


  • Strategy and Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Coaching for Senior Executives
  • Organization Assessments and Change Programs
  • Business Planning
  • Organization Design
  • Performance and Operations Improvement
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management and Assessments


  • Strategic Thinking Model
    • An electronic tool that assists institutions to use strategy for organizational advantage.


  • Workbook and Toolkit
    • A practical companion to the Strategic Thinking Model that emphasizes real situations and enables strategic planning and implementation.


  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Action Planning
  • Change Project Planning
  • Performance Metrics
  • Open Space Technology
  • Future Search
  • Process Improvement through Process Mapping


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